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Solving Homelessness One Local Veteran at a Time

Although Central Oregon's homeless crisis might appear paled in comparison to Portland and Oregon's larger metropolitan areas, there's serious attention and effort put into this growing issue in Central Oregon. With smaller communities like ours, homelessness often gets more visibility which in turn draws the attention of organizations and ministries.

With true innovative spirit, Bend Heroes Foundation and Central Oregon Veterans Outreach came together with a special vision: to serve our local homeless veteran population. Pulling together resources for construction, land permitting and more, the Central Oregon Veterans Village was born. Managed in partnership with the City of Bend, Deschutes County, and the State of Oregon, these 22+ shelters nestled on the outskirts of Bend, provide safe and comfortable individual shelters, along with a central facility that offers laundry, a kitchen, and bath & shower.

This project was something we realized we had the ability to help out with, and were blessed to come alongside all those who share the same heart for our homeless and veteran community.

See the Veteran Village's generous endorsement below for our contribution:


"Summers Flooring, supplied Luxury Vinyl Flooring at a significant discount for 22 cabins and the

2,500 ft Community Building. Not only did Michael supply the materials, but he and his

team trained and assisted our volunteers in installing the flooring. Michael is a true hero in our community. His selfless generosity has made a significant impact on countless Veterans through his support of Bend Heroes Foundation and Central Oregon Veterans Outreach (COVO). His contributions have helped COVO give 15 current, 30 former COVO residents and the many who will follow the assistance they desperately need.

Through his involvement with the Bend Heroes Foundation, Michael has helped bring

attention to the challenges faced by our local Veterans. He understands the sacrifices

they have made and continues to go above and beyond to show his appreciation. With

his support, the BHF and COVO have been able to provide much-needed resources,

support, and recognition to the heroes who have served our country.

The gratitude of the Bend Heroes Foundation, COVO, and the Veterans who have

directly benefitted from Michael’s philanthropy cannot be overstated. His dedication to

our community and his unwavering support for our Veterans have made a lasting

impact, touching the lives of those who need it most."

—Erik Tobiason, President of The Bend Heroes Foundation

CLICK HERE to see this KTVZ broadcast about the village! Stay tuned to hear some testimonials from the residents.


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