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Primary Election Announcements

May 21st, 2024 | Redmond, OR - Running unopposed, Michael Summers has officially advanced to the General Elections set for fall.

See the Press Release details below:


Michael Summers, Chair of the Redmond School Board and third-generation small business owner, has advanced unopposed to the general election. His campaign is focused on key voter concerns such as tackling inflation, enhancing housing affordability, promoting parental involvement in education, advocating for veterans, and supporting senior independence.

Summers, who is also a drummer in a local band, draws an analogy between music and politics. "Just like in a band, where every member needs to be in sync to create harmony, our political leaders need to work together to be in tune with the needs of our community," Summers said. "Too many politicians are out of sync with voters, creating discord instead of unity. If elected, I will use my background and experience to change that in Salem."

Summers' policy priorities include:

Affordable Housing: "Bend faces a growing crisis: a shortage of affordable housing. We need comprehensive strategies to increase the supply of affordable housing and reduce homelessness."

Champion for Small Business: "As a third-generation small business owner, I believe Central Oregon needs an advocate in Salem for more free enterprise, lower taxes, and fewer regulations. Oregon should be an attractive place for businesses to grow and new ones to start."

Involving Parents in Education: "As Chair of the Redmond School Board, I have united the district around what is best for students, families, teachers, and the community, focusing on collaborative efforts."

Summers emphasized the need for unity and collaboration in overcoming political division. "Political division has turned neighbors into enemies. We need constructive conversations and collaboration. As your Senator, I will listen to you and lead for Central Oregon and its values. I look forward to meeting all of you on the campaign trail."


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