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4th Of July Parade

The Fourth of July is our timeless holiday celebrated in the bright heat of summer, with colors, smiles, treats, and fireworks. Although founded through much hardship it is indeed, in honor of those who courageously fought, a day worth celebrating. And if any town knows how to do it right—it’s Redmond. 

This year’s Redmond parade was as to be expected, the draw of the town! Our family enjoys this parade every year as it’s within walking distance from our home. The floats, the small businesses, the youth sports and activities- it’s an exemplary display of our vibrant community. This year the parade was a curiously humbling event.

Campaigning is not for the faint of heart, and it takes many helpers to make it work, and asking for support can often be met with a disappointing, ‘no’. This 4th of July, we saw so many of our friends and family come out to walk in the parade with us, taking time out of their holiday plans to support. It is a humbling experience to see so many come together in support of …you! This spurs me on to continue the fight of our founders so long ago - to pursue freedom and justice through whatever obstacles it requires. 

A big thank you to all our volunteers that came out to support! 


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