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Bringing Central Oregon Together

"Political division has turned neighbors into enemies and created an extremely polarized atmosphere. This hinders the development of well-crafted and balanced policy where bi-partisan agreement and innovation can be found."

—Michael Summers

Serving as Chair of the Redmond School Board during the pandemic, Michael has led through difficult and unsure times for the Central Oregon community. Navigating unprecedented obstacles, community concerns, and nuances in the education system, Michael has displayed his leadership and ability to bring people together on difficult issues. It takes collaboration to craft great policy for our communities. When parties cannot work together, the product is poor and polarized policy. It's time to bring the conversation of balance to Oregon's Senate.



Passions & Focus


As a husband, and father of four daughters, Michael understands that a safe and healthy community is worth fighting for. Michael displays his heart of service through advocating for our veterans, supporting policies that allow seniors to continue to be financially & physically independent, and through serving children and parents in Central Oregon as Chair of the School Board.


Community healing can seem like an impossible task—but Michael is up for it. As Chair of the Redmond School Board, he's demonstrated his ability to unite the district around what is best for students, families, teachers, and the community—a trait we need more of in Salem. Bringing people from all walks of life together is something Michael also enjoys with his musical career. "Bringing people together is my night job."


As a third-generation small business owner, Michael not only contributes to the local economy in Central Oregon by providing jobs, but he also has an intimate knowledge of the impact and trickle-down effects state policy brings for business owners. It's good for small business owners to have a voice in policies that directly impact them and others in the state. Michael will seek to support policies that do not hinder, but support the ability for small businesses to operate and thrive safely in Oregon.




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